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Marina Pups

Boat Dogs – they’re a pack all on their own. If your dog loves sticking his head out the car window and going fast then chances are a boat will get a gold stamp of approval. It’s always a pleasant surprise when we are catching the lines for a new visitor and out pops their furry friend. We can’t wait for their vessel to be tied up so we can present a welcome treat and let the bonding begin.

USCG with Basil at Boothbay Harbor Marina

It’s a natural relationship between dogs and humans. Dogs just get us - science shows that when dogs and humans interact with each other, both experience a surge of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. It’s a symbiotic relationship that draws us humans in and those puppy dog eyes just seal the deal. They see it in our faces and we see it in their body language, and the back and forth of positive hormones seems to make us both giggly. We have met quite a few boat dogs over the years. Too many to name them all but here are a few profiles to give you an idea of what our summer of furry friends looks like at the marina. Each year when they come back and remember us, the reunion is delightful!

Chaos – Chaos is the Boothbay Harbor Marina Ambassador. His owner is not only family but Carson was the marina dockmaster during her college summers. Carson and Chaos are often on the docks and he makes himself the official greeter to everyone tied up. He doesn’t care to pay much attention to other dogs, but give him a human to say hello to and he is happily wagging away all the while leaning in. He’s also great with kids on the dock. Ear pulling, tail yanking are no bother as long as he has your undivided attention and - if you want to water him you can.

Watering Chaos at Boothbay Harbor Marina

Diesel and Riggs and now Riggs and Boomer – these two beauties live on Westport Island and come in now and then for lunch aboard their owners lobster boat. It’s hard to miss them walking down the docks. Luckily their owners Nancy and Brett are very kind and patient as it usually takes them quite a while to get off the docks and actually get to lunch. Diesel who lived a good life has gone to doggy heaven but Riggs has welcomed Boomer into the family. It's always a treat for us when they show up at the marina.

Benny – Benny has been a marina dog most of his life and after a few minutes of observation watching him strut down the docks, you will have no doubt about that. He makes himself at home and if your salon door is open, knock knock he’s coming in for a visit. Jane and Susan can often be seen walking the docks calling his name peering in various boats looking for him. Once found, he always looks up from a cozy position as if to say, “What do you want? I’m comfortable.” As you can see here onboard Roger and Mindy’s boat, he also enjoys the captain’s chair.

Scupper – Scupper spends a significant part of her summer at the marina. A shy girl at first, she has lots of layers. Scupper is a keen observer, and it takes a little while to earn her trust as she is quite selective. But once you're in, she’s a friend for life. Scupper is usually the first furry friend to greet me in the morning. Quiet as a mouse she tip toes into my office and gives me a friendly tap on the back of my leg to let me know she’s there. When I turn around and acknowledge her presence, our eyes meet and the mutual excitement of our good morning greeting is palpable. She is spunky yet can be reserved depending on her surroundings and it is a privilege to be part of her selective group.

Mr. Wu – oh here we go with those puppy dog eyes. It was love at first sight for our whole family but I’m sure he gets that all the time. There’s just no escaping the entrancing hold they have over you. Mr. Wu is a charmer through and through. He lives aboard a yacht with incredibly kind and down to earth owners. He definitely lives a fairy tale life and we always look forward to his visit.

Fathom is our resident movie star. She looks like a runway model as she struts down the docks while onlookers do a double take. Her long blown out straight hair fluttering in the wind – did she just come from the groomers? No it’s naturally that way and yes her owners get tired of answering that question but we are happy to talk about her all day long. Even at rest, she is a princess.

Otis – is just so photogenic. An easy going cool vibe kind of guy who lives with a lovely family. He sits aboard his yacht looking very regal. Otis poses quite nicely when asked. Not wanting to miss anything, he looks on longingly when he can’t tag along on a venture into town, but then settles down knowing how much he is loved and that they will be back soon.

Finn – is one of the most beautiful black lab puppies we have ever seen. His black coat seems to sparkle in the sun it’s so shiny. Finn is a charmer but he is also a puppy and try as he may, he just can’t control his excitement. Say hello and pretty soon his body is bursting with motion and he is moving and shaking all around you. It takes so much out of him that soon he will need a nap to recover and then be excited to do it all over again!

Wiggly – Her name suits her. Wiggly loves to give kisses and get up close and personal. She is a baby as well but a boat lover already. A little timid with the stairs getting onboard, Ange and Andy coax her along. She goes everywhere with them also starting and stopping conversations. We have observed first hand that dog owners have no choice but to be social when in public and luckily like most of these humans, these two are kind people who enjoy sharing their love of their dog.

So many would take too many pages to tell their stories here so let us leave you with this - we love them all and the science supports our feelings. When we connect with furry friends, it brings on happy feelings like contentment and admiration and the burdensome emotions like stress and worry just melt away. Love - the emotion that fills the limbic system of our brains (which is the sentimental part we refer to as “our heart”) is where we keep our marina dogs. So if you are coming to visit this summer, rest assured your dog will be welcomed with open arms and adoration!

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